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The brief introduction of the working process of slitting line


Slitting line is a process of cutting sheet metal with a round knife, used to cut a wider coil into a narrower width or to trim the edge of rolled sheet metal. The slitting knife is mounted with gasket on two poles. The septum determines the width of the cut and the horizontal clearance. Vertical clearances (overlaps, Appendix A) are sometimes used, for example to correct for bending of branches. Rubber stripping rings are used to eject tape from between knives and support tape during sundering. Like decapitation, sacculation combines shearing and bending deformation and is adjacent to grades A, B, C, and D simultaneously.


The slitting line consists of uncoiler, slitting machine and coiler. The uncoiler, slitter and coiler are driven by separate motors. According to the driving mode of the uncoiler, slitter and coiler, different modes can be distinguished to drive the material through the slitter (Madachy 1980). The choice depends on the material, sheet thickness and number of openings. Figure 1.7 depicts these patterns.


• Straight mode cutting

In this mode, the driven coiler pulls the material from the uncoiler through the seam opener. When the uncoiler and slitter drive only to feed the coiler, it is called pull slitting. In driving slitting, slitting machine is also driven in this process. Now, the motors must be synchronized to maintain a constant speed as the material moves through the pipe. The advantage of driven slitting is the ability to slitt thin sheets and improve edge quality of all thicknesses.


• Free loop mode cutting

In free-loop slitting, the material is allowed to form a free loop between the slitting machine and the coiler. A tensioning device is now required in front of the reel to produce a well-wound coil. This method makes it possible to process poorly shaped coils.


Shape defects (length variations such as buckling, torsion and thickness variations in width) and internal stresses in the incoming coil influence the result of the slitting process. Therefore, the straightening machine or leveling machine can be installed on the cutting line to correct the defects of the incoming coil, so as to ensure better quality of the cutting strip.


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