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The operating principle of the leveler is constructed


Continuous leveling of leveler

Circular workpieces must be levelled in both directions. The most economical solution for mass production of such workpieces as clutch lamination is a continuous leveler. The double leveling line is composed of two precision workpiece leveling units connected by a rotating table.


Operation of leveler

The leveler can be set up quickly and easily thanks to the upper beam leveler roller feed system. Through the control panel in different national languages, enter the setting values. The adjustment of the upper roller frame is carried out by the motor and worm gear mechanism, and the adjustment accuracy reaches 0.01mm. High performance positioning control ensures instant adjustment value change. The setup of the machine tool is performed through the teaching system, using the workpiece number memory. When the same type of material is processed again, after the workpiece number is entered, the upper roller frame automatically moves to the correct position.


The turntable

The rotary table is installed between two leveling machines and rotates the parts by 90°. Rotation is accomplished by means of two conveyors or rollers running at different speeds. Belt speed can be controlled for optimum fit to part size.


Bending of support roll (adjusting mechanism)

The central defect and edge wave of metal plate can be eliminated by this mechanism. Therefore, the support of the lower support roller frame is adjusted separately in height. The lateral tilt of the upper roller supports this process. This process is controlled by on-screen graphics.


Flattening roller frame

The leveling roller is the tool part of the leveling machine, so the quality of the leveling result depends on the accuracy and rigidity of the leveling roller.


Drive of leveler

Leveler is equipped with cycloid needle motor with frequency conversion. The output of the motor is transmitted to the split gear box or direct drive gear box via synchronous gear belt. The gear box drives the leveling roller separately through the universal shaft.

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