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Powders, substrates, and structural parts all need: Xuguang Electronics 80 million joins the aluminum nitride camp

wallpapers News 2021-03-23
Prior to this, the board of directors of Chengdu Xuguang Electronics Co., Ltd. passed two proposals: “jointly invest in the establishment of a new company to construct aluminum nitride ceramic projects” and “purchase equipment to construct aluminum nitride ceramic projects simultaneously”, with a total investment of 80 million. This means that the domestic aluminum nitride ceramic industry has added new forces, and the progress of production technology and the expansion of application scenarios will inevitably accelerate.
This time, Xuguang Electronics, the affiliated company co-investment platform and other investors, Xi’an Shuojie Liufang Trading Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Zhishuo Business Partnership (Limited Partnership) jointly funded the establishment of Chengdu Xuci New Materials Co., Ltd. (tentative), and invested The total amount is 30 million yuan; another investment does not exceed 50 million yuan to purchase equipment, which is mainly used to increase the scale of aluminum nitride ceramic powder mass production and build aluminum nitride ceramic substrates and structural parts production lines.

The business scope of the main company of the aluminum nitride project includes: R&D, production and sales of special ceramic powder materials and products, nano-material manufacturing, electronic professional material manufacturing, electronic special material sales, engineering and technical research and experimental development, import and export trade, Operating the export business of the company's self-produced products and the import business of machinery and equipment parts, raw and auxiliary materials needed by the company, inorganic salt manufacturing, ceramic substrates, structural parts, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, alumina, and zirconia , Sales of silicon carbide, etc.
Aluminum nitride ceramic has excellent thermal conductivity and is a new third-generation semiconductor material. It is widely used in LED packaging, large-function power electronic modules, RF radio frequency/microwave communications, microelectronic semiconductors, automotive electronics, national defense and military and other industrial fields. According to the announcement after the board of directors of Xuguang Electronics, the two projects passed by the resolution aim to strengthen the company's technology research and development and market transformation in the aluminum nitride ceramic industry, expand the market share of the aluminum nitride ceramic industry, and realize the transformation of the company's ceramic business Upgrade, adding new profit growth points for the company's development.